Feel free to advertise!

Analogue advertising is here. Still warm and not quite dry behind the ears. We have posters in A1 and A2, flyers and stickers (the all-purpose weapon: pass them on, leave them, or stick them on). If you want to do some advertising for us, you can pick them up in Berlin-Neukölln. If the amount is […]


When the Baron von und zu Nasenbluten and his partner Hyrntodt, who has several doctorates and a habilitation, enter the stage, things get crazy. They are a real live band, the rhythms are no more recorded from a hard disk than all the other effects. They virtuously switch back and forth between various keyboard instruments […]

Unicorn Partisans

It plucks, gyrates and whistles. Implied guitar riffs from the synthie rush past. Danceable beats liven up the whole thing. The vocals change languages like the timbres, often within a track. The vocoder is often at work, reminiscent of mid-nineties dark wave like Project Pitchfork, The Eternal Afflict or VNV Nation. Only lyrically quite different. […]

Lucie & The Slυts

There is no lack of self-confidence when Lucie & The Sluts describe themselves as “lucierock” and thus establish their own musical category. Alongside punk and post-punk, which cannot be ignored as influences. The vocals are energetic and demanding, the guitars sometimes brute and stressing every free eighth note, sometimes airy and clear, decorated with a […]


Hungarian Speed Folk. We don’t really need to write any more to make it clear that here, as a rule, you dance along from the first fast beat. But because we still have a few lines to fill, here is the biographical information that the band – nominally a four-piece – can usually be experienced […]

Rakete Tschaikowski

Formerly Torpedo Dnipropvtrovsk. However, costly market analyses showed that Tchaikovsky is a little better known and the name west of the Oder also leads to far fewer accidents when trying to pronounce it correctly. The line-up is rather traditional, but blessed with a mischievous streak and an obscure name, they play so energetically that it […]


They’ve been around for 39 years, if we apply the same standards as for the Rolling Stones, who are celebrating their 60th anniversary and whose work over the last 30 years is quite manageable. Founded at the beginning of the eighties, disbanded only a few years later, worn down by the Stasi (with the band’s […]

Get Jealous

Three people. Drums, bass, guitar. So simple and yet so diverse. Why? Because the gods gave them so many styles. Riot pop, punk, power pop, riot grrrl and thus roots in US hardcore, in some moments also just pop with full force and yet not too unflattering for flattering melodies. Along the way, good videos […]

Circus Rhapsody

Circus evening with candy floss You can’t help but be amazed by this Berlin punk band. In addition to a repertoire ranging from wild 50s rock’n’roll to ska to melodic punk, we can expect a juggling drummer, a climbing violinist and lots of free candyfloss for the necessary dance energy. SONNENBÜHNE Circus Rhapsody