Fort Gorgast


Dear OBOA friends,

we need your support!

After two years without the Oderbruch Open Air Festival, there is a shortage in one place or another. If you can imagine to support the festival personally and physically and if you have free capacities in the week before, after or during the festival, please contact us under helfer@oboa.de. We are happy about everyone who can support us with know-how and/or energy.

Otherwise, we are happy about any amount you send us on betterplace.org. Despite the fact that the festival is organised on a purely voluntary basis, there are of course costs. Whether for the travel costs of the musicians, the decoration or the lighting, sound and stage equipment, or simply the catering for the many volunteers.

If you want to and can help us to live the idea of “for free and outside” and to offer the best possible OBOA to those who otherwise cannot afford a festival, then take a look at the link below to find out how you can best support us.

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