Sun Stage 2022


Cannabineros delivers a fat sound and playfully shows how to sound like many as a DUO!
Igor plays guitar and doubles the riffs over bass amps, Säsh plays drums and sings with various effects.
A colourful audio feast of psychedelic, stoner, kraut & space rock is served!!!!

My Little White Rabbit

My Little White Rabbit – like looking into a kaleidoscope surfing a wave of multicolour candy canes, meeting garage rock, psychedelic bats and feminist animal rights pleas.

Get Jealous

Three people. Drums, bass, guitar. So simple and yet so diverse. Why? Because the gods gave them so many styles. Riot pop, punk, power pop, riot grrrl and thus roots in US hardcore, in some moments also just pop with full force and yet not too unflattering for flattering melodies. Along the way, good videos and – because otherwise it would obviously have become boring – a small online game, which could be played to the single “Working Title” on their homepage. And live? Well, if they were the North Sea during an autumn storm, I wouldn’t want to be the nearest dyke.

Zerfall / Ostberlin 1983

They’ve been around for 39 years, if we apply the same standards as for the Rolling Stones, who are celebrating their 60th anniversary and whose work over the last 30 years is quite manageable.

Founded at the beginning of the eighties, disbanded only a few years later, worn down by the Stasi (with the band’s own IM), the Skins, the police and the draft notices. Shortly afterwards, the GDR also disintegrated – similarities are probably purely coincidental.

When the dust of the fall of the wall finally settled in 2008, Zerfall were back on stage and there they still are, punching away at everything.

Rakete Tschaikowski

Formerly Torpedo Dnipropvtrovsk. However, costly market analyses showed that Tchaikovsky is a little better known and the name west of the Oder also leads to far fewer accidents when trying to pronounce it correctly.
The line-up is rather traditional, but blessed with a mischievous streak and an obscure name, they play so energetically that it is not until the third piece that you notice that there is no singing. We had this once before at the OBOA a few years ago and even then the absence of vocals was not a shortcoming. Here we have a wild melange of Balkan, ska, punk and Dick Dale on 78 revolutions.
Put on your dancing shoes.


We don’t really need to write any more to make it clear that here, as a rule, you dance along from the first fast beat. But because we still have a few lines to fill, here is the biographical information that the band – nominally a four-piece – can usually be experienced live as a five-piece and that the current line-up is by far the most consistent in the band’s history.
PS: they also have a gentle and quiet side, namely whenever they “cover” Bela Bartok.

Lucie & The Slυts

There is no lack of self-confidence when Lucie & The Sluts describe themselves as “lucierock” and thus establish their own musical category. Alongside punk and post-punk, which cannot be ignored as influences. The vocals are energetic and demanding, the guitars sometimes brute and stressing every free eighth note, sometimes airy and clear, decorated with a little reverb or delay and never at a loss to hide a little catchy melody. The editor’s favourite is “Song i wrote because i like you (but you didn’t answer my messages)”. The length of the title is contrary to the length of the song. Always nice, that kind of thing, as well as “Ineffective”.

Unicorn Partisans

It plucks, gyrates and whistles. Implied guitar riffs from the synthie rush past. Danceable beats liven up the whole thing. The vocals change languages like the timbres, often within a track. The vocoder is often at work, reminiscent of mid-nineties dark wave like Project Pitchfork, The Eternal Afflict or VNV Nation. Only lyrically quite different. More sustainable.
Wear black and clench your fists


When the Baron von und zu Nasenbluten and his partner Hyrntodt, who has several doctorates and a habilitation, enter the stage, things get crazy. They are a real live band, the rhythms are no more recorded from a hard disk than all the other effects. They virtuously switch back and forth between various keyboard instruments and a cute drum pad, or even play in parallel. Multitasking at its best. With these tools behind them, neither Udo Lindenberg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, nor The Hoff are safe from them. If you can still do it, check out their homepage in the worldwide web (first hit on the search engine of your choice).
Noises and sounds.


The A&O of this grouping is the singing, which holds everything together and leads us through art song, cool singer/songwriterism, serious singer-songwriter craft and chanson (by no means only when the accordion is added). It gets rough and juicy when folk songs and ballads are unpacked. Occasionally enriched with a second voice, mandolin, percussion and the above-mentioned accordion, as well as a bass. The guitar is obligatory.

Padlina Szarika

They’ve been around so long that when asked about the date of their founding, they answer with “good question, sometime in 2006? So the future music historians (aka Padlinalogists) will have plenty to do when tracing the paths of this band, which has performed on pretty much every stage between Oder and Posen. We would like to add grunge and punk to the self-description Brutal Pop. Plus a good portion of fun and a pinch of self-irony.
Come and enjoy the guitar riffs that Cobain couldn’t write and the bass lines that Novoselic couldn’t come up with.

Dirty Feetz

From Berlin. Four people with at least 6 instruments, thousands of ideas and countless musical styles. And that’s just the first 3 1/2 minutes of a concert by this combo.
The pieces sometimes approach the 10 minute mark.
When the singer unpacks the brass it becomes sublime. Musically on the highest level, they try to hide their expertise behind heaps of weird ideas and colourful clothes. It will be exciting, unexpected, confusing and definitely entertaining.