Safety, rules and fun

Whether by land, by sea, by air, by foot or by streetcar, by perpetual motion machine or by hitchhiking through the galaxy – the main thing is that you are there! Take your time, arrive first and find time to exhale. Get involved in the OBOA journey and look for details under the menu item “Arrival”.

The individual boundaries of others must always be respected.
Discrimination and assault will not be tolerated.
If something is not ok, you will find protection and support at every bar or directly at the entrance to the backstage.

Watch out!
Bathing, fishing, swimming and any other stay is ALL FORBIDDEN in the pond / ditch! This is more than dangerous, so please stick to it!

Be free and give everyone a chance to be as well.

From Friday 12 pm free of charge. Thursday the area is still closed!

This year there will be a screen printing booth at the tinsel store where you can have clothes you brought printed. A little tip – the OBOA has now been around for 25 years. Maybe there will be an anniversary print.

Drinking water
There will be a drinking water source between the campsite and the entrance to the fort.

…is as always free of charge. You can come to the campsite from Friday 12 pm and to the festival area on Friday from 5 pm and on Saturday from 12 pm.

Campfires are prohibited on the campsite. Whether you are allowed to barbecue is ultimately decided by the fire department, so always follow their instructions.

It is not possible to bring your own drinks to the festival area. But we have so much of it, that we even have to sell the stuff! But seriously, we bear the costs for the OBOA mainly from the beverage sales – so we ask for your understanding.

We are always looking!!! Every single one counts. If you can imagine helping out at the OBOA, just let us know. Catering will be provided free of charge.
Contact us at:

… by all means place them with nice friends! Their delicate nerves do not like loud events at all, secondly, they need exercise opportunities that we can not offer and thirdly, the leash and muzzle requirement imposed by the office makes it almost impossible for them to sing along.

…can be found on these pages, on facebook, Instagram and of course on site. Contributions as well as discussion suggestions are as always welcome.

…and other sound systems are undesirable on the campsite. There are also people who want to sleep there.

No desire for Frei.Wild
Frei.Wild is nobody with us!!! According to the dossier of Antifa Meran from South Tyrol, said band “spreads nationalistic positions in their lyrics, which are present both openly and subtly. Their appearance is characterized by national enemy image constructions, intolerance and male glorification of violence. Due to the band’s broad impact, this harbors potential dangers that should not be underestimated.” Exactly this verdict we agree with and for this reason the presentation of the band’s ideas – among other things by wearing their t-shirts etc. – on the festival area is undesirable and will not be tolerated by our security.

…you don’t have to go far. Depending on where you camp, up to 400 meters.
For wheelchair users, the area is also passable. Here it is recommended to camp near the former fire station, because from there the way is better. In case of doubt just contact us.

Those who camp with us will get a garbage bag at the entrance. Those who return it filled on Sunday are welcome to take OBOA posters or stickers as souvenirs.

Why are you on our website? Why do you want to come to us? Think about it, throw all the contemptuous ideology garbage into the swamp and become people who respect others. Otherwise: Don’t come here at all, then nobody has to send you away.

… everything else is just festival.

Our friendly parking crew will show you the way and explain what you have to pay attention to. For a car you pay 20,- Euro and for a motorcycle 10,- Euro. But as we said, just come by train or carpool.

…is not a good idea. Please use the designated paths and be sure to observe the barriers.

Please help us to distribute flyers and to stick posters!!! We will be happy to send you materials, email us at: Include how much you can distribute and where so we don’t double up. Don’t forget your postal address.
Otherwise you can pick up flyers and posters from us in Berlin. Just ask for the address by e-mail.

As always, you will find them in front of the entrance to the island.

Bulky waste
If you bring sofas or other living room furnishings, please make sure they go. We have to make a pile of money to dispose of them.

You will find plenty of porta-potties on the festival grounds and at the camping site.

Remember, as long as you don’t pour too much into yourself too quickly and carelessly, you don’t have to call on one or the other for help!

As always, our food booths on the grounds will provide you with innovative vegan and vegetarian fare. Bon appetit. Why, why, why?
Read more: HERE!

Wigwam vs. motorhome
Both are possible for us. Tents are better, of course, because of the environment and the limited camping space.

Capitalized on the OBOA.
*For those with more knowledge: The term refers to a personal or collective preference for foreign, unfamiliar things or people. The word is in contrast to xenophobia (xenophobia). Colloquially, one also finds the term for this: hospitality.

Well, you know… The thing with the inner balance. Just chill.

…do not exist with us.
Because admission is free, you don’t have to be able to afford a ticket.
Do you have any questions? Then please ask them in our forum or write an e-mail to: