Break Tribe Music e.V.


OBOA is organized by BREAK TRIBE MUSIC e.V. We are always happy to welcome new members! Our association life sometimes takes place in Berlin and sometimes in the quieter Oderbruch. We meet up regularly for OBOA meetings or go to concerts together. We also organize OBOA support events which are always welcome occasions to swing our legs and meet new accomplices.


We founded the association at the end of 2000 to be able to organize OBOA 2001 as a free outdoor festival. The OBOA festivals in 1998 and 1999 were still organized and financed by our members privately. It was pretty clear that all the hours of volunteer work AND the financial risk should not be taken on some few shoulders. In the following years we organized various parties in the Oderbruch in addition to the festival. Maybe some of you have been at one of these celebrations in Neulangsow, Wilhelmsaue or Müncheberg.


Are you curious, want to join in or just take a look?
Write an email to, tell us who you are and what’s your own little superpower.

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