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Donating is fun

Dear congregation, We already knew that we have the world’s best visitors. That you appreciate us so much that you not only open your hearts but also your wallets to us, pleases us beyond measure. But unfortunately, it is not enough, as the bad news continues. The fence of an escape route is broken and […]

Soundsystem Yard

In the beginning there was only a crackling, a crackling from the needle scratching on the vinyl. But everyone knows that the air is about to burn. You hear the first riff and everyone starts dancing. The bass shakes, the walls shake, the masses go wild. Then comes the drop, only the bassline and the […]

Dirty Feetz

From Berlin. Four people with at least 6 instruments, thousands of ideas and countless musical styles. And that’s just the first 3 1/2 minutes of a concert by this combo. The pieces sometimes approach the 10 minute mark. When the singer unpacks the brass it becomes sublime. Musically on the highest level, they try to […]

CODEX Foundation

The CODEX Foundation was established by Staszek Czerczak to help young people leave racist or other extremist movements, focusing on restoring these people to society and presenting them with a way to live a different life – with the respect for the law and with respect for common rules. The CODEX Foundation offers assistance in […]


The A&O of this grouping is the singing, which holds everything together and leads us through art song, cool singer/songwriterism, serious singer-songwriter craft and chanson (by no means only when the accordion is added). It gets rough and juicy when folk songs and ballads are unpacked. Occasionally enriched with a second voice, mandolin, percussion and […]

Padlina Szarika

They’ve been around so long that when asked about the date of their founding, they answer with “good question, sometime in 2006? So the future music historians (aka Padlinalogists) will have plenty to do when tracing the paths of this band, which has performed on pretty much every stage between Oder and Posen. We would […]