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Supporters 2023

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters, helpers and donors for a great 2023. 25 years of uncommercial festival culture, 25 years of OBOA – Oderbruch Open Air, without you all this would not be possible. Other supporters are also: Fort Gorgast e.V.. , Leichter als Licht, Cafe Köpenick, FFW […]

Donating is fun

Did you enjoy the weekend before last as much as we did? Then tell your wallets. No seriously guys, if anyone knows how to make gold out of shit, it’s the companies that put up the pretty plastic toilets. Because donating for this is not that cool, we also took the fees for bands and […]

Pink Wonder

The bass is concise and driving, the lead vocals change back and forth depending on the song, the guitar is dirty and demanding and the drums rattle properly. So everything is in the green area. For a few Huuhuuus in the background (softer than the Beach Boys) they are not too shy. Puke Punk with […]

Uranus Front

The quartet itself describes its music as Riff Punk. We’ll go one step further and say monster riff punk. The tempo and raw energy of punk meets the tone of desert rock, and when the guitar gets an entire verse for soloing, it’s packed with great calm and overview and an equally great wah-wah pedal […]


Hardcore Punk from Berlin. Crisp songwriting in crisp brevity, in a classic three-piece lineup and tight production. There are always fine little moments with rolling rhythms and palatable guitar riffs that still make you think of completely different genres, before the double breaks way again and the power chords level everything. The vocals are often […]

Earth Logoff

The duo from Berlin sympathetically brings its own categories and instrument names. That saves us a little work. Here we go: SANAA: sticks RBRT: stones They present “analog funny weird industrial body music” in a sound density that makes it hard to believe that we are dealing with only two people. The first place for […]

Cafe Cranz

Up to five people cavort on stage at the Cafe. To reduced beats and spartan melodic arcs, they cheerfully attack xenophobia, homophobia and any other form of intolerance with wit and irony. There the colleague looks astonished. What that goes also without hate? YO! Saturday Tinsel Store

Pest Hole

A bastard of rock, punk and thrash, in the vocals with a slight growling impact. The double bass drum leads the way, the genre-typical dexterity has also found expression here in extreme speed. Because they are so extremely fast, the pieces are mostly already after two minutes through. Shortness and all that. The only exception […]