CODEX Foundation

The CODEX Foundation was established by Staszek Czerczak to help young people leave racist or other extremist movements, focusing on restoring these people to society and presenting them with a way to live a different life – with the respect for the law and with respect for common rules.
The CODEX Foundation offers assistance in the area of – legal and substantive support as well as psychological assistance. We offer the opportunity to talk and listen to your story by people who have followed a similar path. We know how to deal with attacks and acts of aggression from your environment or the environment you have left. If your body is covered with tattoos that symbolize your belonging to an extremist group and which are shameful to you, we will help you remove them or make a cover-up.We know that young people involved in extremist movements are very often perpetrators but also victims of persecution and crime, and extreme organizations allow them to find a deeper sense and meaning of life. They arouse in their member a sense of superiority and belonging. These groups often function like sects and have military ambitions. Young people have huge problems with leaving them also because the public is not willing to accept them and give them a second chance.
We will support you and your family because we have similar experiences. We will offer an alternative and help in making the first steps in the life of “after”. We do not judge, we just want to help!

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