Earth Logoff

The duo from Berlin sympathetically brings its own categories and instrument names. That saves us a little work. Here we go:
SANAA: sticks
RBRT: stones
They present “analog funny weird industrial body music” in a sound density that makes it hard to believe that we are dealing with only two people. The first place for unusual line-ups has already been awarded (yes, feel free to look back for a moment), but here we definitely have a claim for the second place. By the way, the project presents itself completely without vocals, which, with all the interesting rhythm patterns and amazing noises to create riffs, only becomes noticeable by the third track (at least internally to the editors). The third album in 5 years is in the making, so a certain work mania can be assumed. On the pulse of time they are with titles “PandemieprofiteurIn” also still.

Golden Horse