OBOA stands for Oderbruch Open Air and is a free outdoor festival that we celebrate with you guys every year in mid-August.

There is no admission to pay.

The OBOA project started in 1998. Since 2002 it has been taking place in the beautiful Fort Gorgast.
OBOA is organized by Break Tribe Music e.V. The program is very diverse and has been expanded again and again.
Over time, some networks of contributors have been formed.

There are currently several stages where rock, punk, ska, metal, dub, drum & bass and a lot more can be experienced. Workshops, info events, karaoke, open-stage, screen printing, light art are further attractions of the OBOA. The catering is exclusively vegan and vegetarian.
The OBOA has a real familiar atmosphere. Many of the club members and supporters spend their whole vacation with preparing the festival, this can be exhausting sometimes but at the same time really enjoyable.
If you decide to stop by, you’ll probably always come back as many of us have.
Since admission remains free there are very high costs, so that we rely on donations. The association is non-profit and can issue donation receipts. For us OBOA means more than a weekend of joy and partying in the open air. Lots of people work the whole year to make a delightful and free festival possible. W
e all love to spend our energy on something great for everyone, completely on a voluntary basis. That is what connects the people. You don’t have to ask for entrance fees, because there is another way as well.

Are you curious now?

Just come by in August to experience OBOA yourself.
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