Sonnenbühne 2024 | LineUp


Radio stations that promise the mega hits from the blah blah blah and the best of today, I’m off very quickly. From Wight, who once started out in doom metal with sinister, darkly glowing melancholy, there are pig organ sounds from the 60s, the fattest guitar riffs from the 70s and a pinch of stoner rock from the present day and it would be a big mistake not to stop, listen and be amazed. In addition, there are synth plumes that even Pete Townshend couldn’t have pulled off better, grooves that scream for the dance floor and funky basslines that go straight to the underbelly. With great joy of playing and just as much skill, an irresistible, decidedly festival-ready concoction is presented here.

Play tips from the editorial team are “St.Tropez” (because of the riffs), “Hot” (groove and great bass) and “Bon Apocalypso” (because of the title and as proof that vocals are not always necessary).
Dress code: rough shoes, tie-dye shirt, elegant jacket with glittering lapels.